The fair is addressed to manufacturers, importers, and distributors of funeral services, field specialists, funeral service providers, administrators, and to everyone who shares the idea that death is an inevitable event.

Expo Funerare will take place between 31st May – 3nd June 2018,  in the same period with: SENIOR EXPO – Fair dedicated to seniors and TIBCO – International Trade Fair for Consumer Goods. (link catre site-uri)

Expo Funerare 2018 will take place in one of the new exhibition areas that Romexpo will open in the fall of 2017 – Pavilion B1! With a total area of 11.905 square meters, the Pavilion B1 becomes the ideal location for hosting international fairs and exhibitions.

Information – Pavilion B1:

  • Height: ground floor
  • Area: 11.905 sqm
  • Height under metal structure: 10,56 m
  • Total height: 14,17 m
  • The maximum admissible height for stand construction: 7 m
  • The two pavilions, B1 and B2, will be united forming a common building
  • The up-link building of the two conference rooms (capacity of 75 people each)

Which companies can participate at Expo Funerare?

  • manufacturers, importers, and distributors of funerary articles
  • funeral specialists: builders of funeral chambers, crematoria etc .; hygiene and embalming products and equipment; crematorium and mortuary equipment; professional clothing and ceremonies; architecture, interior design; specific means of transportation; paperwork; builders; security equipment; specific furniture stores, funerary articles etc
  • cemetery representatives: computer equipment for cemetery management; monumental and decorative art; Specific machinery for cleaning and maintenance of the cemeteries; specific equipment for excavation, machinery etc.
  • Funeral Service Providers: cemetery design and management; professional associations in the field; banks / saving loans and specifics; Life insurance; transportation services; international transportation services / repatriation of mortal remains; legal services; specialized journals, specific professional training etc.
  • Representatives of religious confessions in Romania;

Why become an exhibitor at Expo Funerare:

  • you will be part of the only local profile event;
  • the event is covering all funeral industry sectors;
  • you will attain visibility and you will have the opportunity to promote your products in front of a target market;
  • you will develop partnerships with companies that have complementary activities;
  • you will increase your company’s reputation as the event, unique in Romania will benefit from intense media exposure;
  • you will participate at different conferences and seminars, presentations, demonstrations, competitions, and workshops;
  • you will be able to launch new products in an organized environment. Romexpo promotes its fairs and exhibitors through a well structured communication plan;
  • you will receive a large flow of visitors since the Expo Funerare will be held at the same time with two other fairs: Senior Expo and Tibco.

The main categories of exhibits included in the Expo Funerare 2018’s theme:

  • Coffins
  • Precast vaults
  • Computer equipment for cementery management;
  • Monumental and decorative art
  • Specific equipment for cementery cleaning and maintainance;
  • Funeral chambers builders
  • Cementery design and management
  • Life Insurance
  • Transportation services